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iScan® Interferometric frequency measurement and precise control of tunable laser sources iScan control unit The iScan system is an universal tool for static and dynamic testing of the mode properties of tunable lasers. But it allows for even more: Fast and precise scanning of tunable lasers Stepping to different arbitrary wavelengths Surveillance of the scan behavior of tunable lasers Measurement of the wavelength stability of tunable lasers Suppression of mode hops or mode instabilities Prices (EU-countries): 8 % surcharge for non-European countries plus shipment and possible import duties/taxes in the destination country.
APPLICATION REPORTS  APPLICATION REPORTS BROCHURE   BROCHURE Components Description Unit price iScan DCU iScan Digital Control Unit,  desktop case 5.500, -   iScan DCU 19" iScan Digital Control Unit, 19"  rack case 6.345, -   iScan head Si interferometric measurement  head for 400 - 1100nm 2.670, -   iScan head InGaAs interferometric measurement  head for 800 - 1650nm 3.920, -   iScan DFB iScan head with DFB laser  integrated, wavelength 780, 795,  850 nm (others on request) on request iScan DCU Twin iScan Digital Control Unit for Twin lasers, desktop case  HV amp High voltage amplifier for iScan, 2  channels 560, -   HC amp High voltage amplifier for iScan, 2 channels  DLD Diode laser driver for iScan  (current and temperature control) 1.190, -   8.300 -   780, -