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LaseLock® Universal and compact Laser Stabilization Electronics                               LaseLock is a universal and compact laser stabilization electronics (lock-box) that allows to stabilize tunable lasers (e.g. diode lasers, Ti:Sapphire or dye lasers) in their frequency. For this, particularly optical resonators (Fabry-Perot cavities) and atomic absorption or fluorescence lines are serving as references. Vice versa, also optical resonators can be stabilized towards a given laser frequency by means of mechanical actuators (e.g. piezo actuators). Two different methods can be applied: side-of-fringe stabilization top-of-fringe stabilization (stabilization to maximum (or minimum), 'lock-in'-technique) The LaseLock conveniently combines the following components in a compact and user-friendly box: Input amplifiers (incl. generation of difference and/or normalisation signal) Sine generator Phase-synchronous detection PID regulator Scan generator Output amplifier Prices (EU-countries): 8 % surcharge for non-European countries plus shipment and possible import duties/taxes in the destination country.
LaseLock control unit
BROCHURE   BROCHURE Components Description Unit price LaseLock Fully digital all - in - one Lock - Box ,  desktop case 3. 495 , -   LaseLock   19" Fully digital all - in - one Lock - Box ,  19" rack case 4 . 295 , -   LaseLock   DFB LaseLock   with DFB laser,  wavelength 780, 795, 850 nm  (others on request) on request HV amp High voltage amplifier for  LaseLock, 2 channels 560, -   HC amp High current amplifier for  LaseLock , 2 channels 780, -   DLD Diode laser driver for  LaseLock   (current and temperature control) 1.190, -