TEM Messtechnik GmbH

Innovative measurement technology company headquartered in Hannover, Germany

The TEM Messtechnik GmbH is an innovative medium-sized company in Hannover. It was established in 1988 and changed to a GmbH (Ldt.) in 1998. The team of about 15 employees is headed by Dr. Thomas Müller-Wirts (CEO).

The team around Dr. Thomas Müller-Wirts is specialized in converting scientific results and ideas into real-world applications. For many years, they have convinced with fundamental knowledge and innovative ideas. Numerous national and international references prove the cutting-edge and solution-oriented skills.

The development process goes from the first idea to the production-ready solution and includes customer specific adaption of the standard products, new development at the electronic devices, analog and digital solutions, OEM-boards, modular systems or stand-alone devices.

Company headquarters TEM Messtechnik

TEM Messtechnik’s main activities are in the following fields:

Laser electronics

Diode laser drivers, laser diode modulators, scan generators, high voltage piezo amplifiers, temperature controllers, USB programmable all-in-one-systems, Customer specific solutions

Optical Measuring Technique

Interferometric and atomic frequency references for tunable lasers, Single-mode and mode-hop detectors for tunable lasers, position/polarization sensitive detectors, Lock-in detection, RF modulation techniques, Laser line width measurement tools, Distance sensors

Control Engineering

High precision interferometrical frequency regulators for tunable laser, Laser power stabilization, Laser beam position/pointing stabilization, Automatic single-mode fiber coupler, Phase- and frequency control e.g. for pulsed lasers


Development of extensive test devices and test stands

Measuring data recording and processing

Software for measuring data recording by means of micro controller, FPGA and PC (e.g. AD-/DA converter, RS 232, USB Ethernet), Software for real-time applications on micro controller, AVR32, Programming in Assembler, C++, VisualBasic and GB32, LabView driver and virtual instruments

Scientific and technical consulting

High competence consulting in the fields of: tunable lasers, interferometry, laser distance measurement, spectroscopy, sensor electronics, laser driver and stabilization electronics, power supplies; Close relationship to universities and research institutions

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