Laser-Synchronisation mit PhaseLock


Universal and compact system for laser synchronization with external references (phase locking, pulse timing)

PhaseLock is a system to control the pulse timing of pulsed lasers. It controls the repetition rate of pulsed lasers and adjusts this rate in a way that the pulses are generated with at fixed times relative to a reference clock.

  • Compact, stand-alone locking electronics for pulsed lasers
  • pulse timing stabilization
  • 2 independent PID regulators
  • High-voltage output for piezo actuators
  • Lock point validity detection and automatic “search” function
  • Multi-channel monitor for display of regulator signals

PhaseLock - Funktionsprinzip

PhaseLock combines all components needed for phase stabilization in a userfriendlycompact device:

  • Fast input amplifiers
  • Phase comparator
  • 2 independent PID regulators, adapted especially to resonant systems like piezo-driven optical components
  • Scan generator, for adjustment or supervision of the physical system
  • Output amplifier, user-selectable as high-voltage amplifier for piezo actuators, or as low-voltage amplifier generating a control signal for external amplifier sections
  • Logic section for automatic recognition of successful locking
ComponentsExplanationSingle Unit Price (EUR)*
PhaseLock (Desktop)Digital phase locking electronics in desktop case (Mixer unit to be ordered separately)4865,00
PhaseLock 19''Digital phase locking electronics in 19'' rack (Mixer unit to be ordered separately)5565,00
PhaseLock Mixer StandardMixer unit for 5 ... 200 MHz (LO frequency must be specified upon order)960,00
PhaseLock Mixer 500MMixer unit for 150 ... 700 MHz1155,00
PhaseLock Mixer 1GMixer unit for 600 ... 1300 MHz1168,00
PhaseLock Mixer 2GMixer unit for 800 ... 2450 MHz1175,00
PhaseLock Mixer 3GMixer unit for 1000 ... 3400 MHz1340,00
PhaseLock Mixer x.xxRF mixer unit for a customer defined operational frequency x.xx GHz +/- 10 %on demand
HV ampHigh voltage amp, 2 channels670,00
HV amp 4 channelHigh voltage amp, 4 channels680,00