Laser-Synchronisation mit PhaseLock


Universal and compact system for laser synchronization with external references (phase locking, pulse timing)

PhaseLock is a system to control the pulse timing of pulsed lasers. It controls the repetition rate of pulsed lasers and adjusts this rate in a way that the pulses are generated with at fixed times relative to a reference clock.

  • Compact, stand-alone locking electronics for pulsed lasers
  • pulse timing stabilization
  • 2 independent PID regulators
  • High-voltage output for piezo actuators
  • Lock point validity detection and automatic “search” function
  • Multi-channel monitor for display of regulator signals

PhaseLock - Funktionsprinzip

PhaseLock combines all components needed for phase stabilization in a userfriendlycompact device:

  • Fast input amplifiers
  • Phase comparator
  • 2 independent PID regulators, adapted especially to resonant systems like piezo-driven optical components
  • Scan generator, for adjustment or supervision of the physical system
  • Output amplifier, user-selectable as high-voltage amplifier for piezo actuators, or as low-voltage amplifier generating a control signal for external amplifier sections
  • Logic section for automatic recognition of successful locking

Pricing (EU-Countries)

8 % Preisaufschlag für nicht europäische Länder zuzüglich Versand und ggf. Importzoll/-Steuern im Bestimmungsland.

8 % surcharge for non-European countries plus shipment and possible import duties/taxes in the destination country.