TEM - FiberLock active fiber alignment


Automatic Single Mode Fiber Coupling

The FiberLock is an automatic single-mode fiber coupling unit (2D fiber scanner) consisting of the control electronics and an active mirror. 

The system is locking free-space laser beams to single-mode fibers. It simplifies the initial coupling, helps with optimizing the coupling efficiency and actively compensates for mechanical drifts.


  • Fast scanning of the face of the fiber to facilitate the initial setup
  • 3D display of the coupling efficiency


  • Locking of the fiber coupling to maximum intensity
  • Easy optimization due to the decoupling of degrees of freedom (beam position, beam angle, focus, …)
  • Search and re-lock functionalities


  • Locking of the intensity to a fixed value
  • Compensation of all sources of intensity noise (the laser source, the fiber, …) by fast adjustment of the coupling efficiency


  • Low voltage scanning mirror with large range (20 mrad), scan frequencies up to about 1kHz
  • High voltage scanning mirror with medium range (2 mrad), scan frequencies up to about 5kHz
  • Optional: photo diode pre-amplifier PDA-S

The set-up of FiberLock

FiberLock uses a single mirror actuator mounted in front of the focusing lens. Tilting this mirror changes the position of the beam waist in the x or y direction. The feedback signal comes from an intensity measurement after the fiber or from inside the fiber using a fiber tap.

The set-up serves three purposes:

  1. it supports the initial coupling of light into the fiber,
  2. it greatly simplifies the optimization of coupling efficiency,
  3. it stabilizes the coupling and compensates for drifts
    of the laser beam and the fiber mount.
FiberLock technical details - functional set-up

Pricing (EU-Counties):

ComponentsExplanationSingle unit price (EUR)*
FiberLocklooking electronics incl. input and output amplifiers1.210,00
FiberLock HVas above, with 120 V output1.410,00
BeamScan LV2D piezo scanner with large travel range775,00
BeamScan OneInch2D piezo-based mirror scanner for 1 inch laser mirrors975,00

8 % surcharge for non-European countries plus shipment and possible import duties/taxes in the destination country.