LaSy Stabilized and tunable diode laser 633 nm

Lasy 633

Stabilized & Tunable Diode Laser

Lasy 633* is an extremely stable, tunable diode laser at a wavelength of 633nm. It contains an absolute frequency (wavelength) reference based on Iodine absorption spectroscopy, ensuring a stability of 50 MHz (66 fm) under all conditions for the life time of the laser. It can therefore directly replace a stabilized Helium-Neon laser in many applications. Unlike the He-Ne, Lasy 633 is tunable over 300 GHz (0.4 nm). This opens up a variety of new methods of measurement. As an example, a phase shift interferometer can accomplish the phase shifting by adequate steps of the laser frequency, rather than by a movement of a reference plane.

The frequency tuning is highly linear and exactly reproducible thanks to patented iScan® technology, involving a tiny interferometer as frequency reference. Lasy 633 is coupled to a polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber. Active stabilization ensures maximum fiber coupling efficiency for life time.

Alternatively, the active fiber-coupling can stabilize the optical output power to a user-selectable value and thus operate as a power stabilizer. Lasy 633 is self-contained and needs nothing but a 5V DC power supply for operation.

If necessary, the user can control all relevant parameters remotely via a USB interface.Lasy 633 comes in a closed desktop case or as a plug-in module for a 19” industrial standard rack case.


  • THz generation
  • phase shifting interferometry
  • distance interferometry
  • spectroscopy
  • Raman sensing

Key features

  • Plug and play helium-neon laser replacement
  • Iodine-referenced absolute frequency stabilization
  • Arbitrary, hysteresis-free tuning due to interferometric reference
  • Large tuning range > 300 GHz ( 0.4 nm)
  • High coherence length
  • Fiber coupling with active stabilization
  • USB remote control

* 633 refers to the wavelength of 633 nm. Other wavelengths are available on request.

Application examples

Phase Shifting Interferometry

Lasy 633 easily replaces conventional He-Ne lasers, e.g. in phase shifting interferometers. In contrast to a gas laser, which required the reference surface to be moved in l/8 steps for the phase extraction, Lasy 633 can substitute this mechanical motion for an adequate shift of the laser wavelength. This makes Lasy 633 a superior light source for interferometry.



Spectroscopy Lasy simplifies spectroscopic measurements: Rather than scanning slowly in a linear manner, Lasy can jump precisely between different frequencies/wavelengths (on/off line, different peaks, …). This saves time and increases the signal-to-noise ratio in many applications, such as DIAL lidar.


LasyLaser data
633 ± 1nm (others on request)
Output power> 2 mW (fiber coupled)
> 10 mW (free beam)
Tuning rangetyp. 300 GHz ( ≙ 0.4 nm)
Frequency stabilization
- frequency stability when locked to iodine linebetter than 5 MHz per 10 min,
50 MHz absolute
- when locked to interferometerbetter than 10 MHz per 10 min,
100 MHz per 8 h
Stepping resolution1 MHz
Coherence length> 50 m
Linewidth< 5 MHz
Housing (L x W xH)165 mm x 102 mm x 91 mm (desktop version)
170 mm x 100 mm x 91 mm (3 height units, 18 width units module for industrial 19" standard rack case)
Operation temperatur range10 ... 50°C
Power supply5 V, typ. 1000 mA after warm-up, max. 2.5 A
Subject to change without notice

Other wavelengths →

Lasy can also be provided with other wavelengths. Just contact us!