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 NoiseEater Compact Noise Eater for power stabilization of a laser beam NoiseEater electronics The NoiseEater is a compact device for fast stabilization of a laser beam’s intensity, using an electro-optic, acousto-optic, liquid crystal modulator or stepper motor. The NoiseEater takes care of both the processing of a photo-diode input signal and the control of the actuator. Cancellation of intensity noise Controlled laser power setting or switching Fixed or automatic set point adjustment For use with AOM, EOM, LCR or micro stepping motor The NoiseEater contains the following components:   Photo diode amplifier (PDA) Regulator section with PI-regulator Optional: VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) and modulator as well as RF-amplifier to control an AOM Optional: drivers for HV or RF, resp Prices (EU-countries):
Components Description Unit price NoiseEater Laser intensity regulation box 1.685, -   € NE EOM High voltage driver for NoiseEater on request NE AOM High frequency driver for NoiseEater on request NE µSTEP Micro - step motor driver for NoiseEater on request BROCHURE   BROCHURE NE LCR Driver for liquid crystal modulator on request
8 % surcharge for non-European countries plus shipment and possible import duties/taxes in the destination country.