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µAligna® Laser Beam Alignment and Stabilization System µAligna electronics Fully automated, high-precision beam alignment Compatible with the actuators and detectors of the Aligna system Very compact design The uAligna control box is a compact, fully digital version of the Aligna system. Together with a PSD 4D detector and two Aligna60 actuators it forms a flexible, fast and highly precise pointing stabilization for laser beams. The system works with (nearly) all wavelengths, (nearly) any beam diameter and cw- and pulsed lasers (with repetition rates above 15kHz). Additional functionalities include: Scanning & searching Optimization Remote control of mirror mounts Logging of the beam pointing or other quantities Prices (EU-countries):       8 % surcharge for non-European countries plus shipment and possible import duties/taxes in the destination country.                    
BROCHURE   BROCHURE Components Description Unit prices µAligna 101 Beam Pointing Alignment System 1 Channel 1D 1.950, -   € µAligna   104 Beam Pointing 4D Alignment Electronics 2.650, -   € µAligna   140 Beam Pointing Alignment System 1 Channel 4D   Piezo 2.650, -   € µAligna   144 Beam Pointing Alignment System 1 Channel 4D Piezo  & Motor 3.270, -   € µAligna 004 Motor Control Systems 4 Channels 2.450, -   € ALIGNA   ALIGNA